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Labradoodle Dogs

Labradoodle dogs were created by cross-breeding Standard Poodles and Labrador Retrievers. Originally bred and dubbed by an Australian man named Wally Cochran in the 1970s, Labradoodle dogs have rapidly become a popular breed all over the world. At Washington Labradoodles, our goal is to offer individuals and families the opportunity to discover the joys that many pet owners already know.

Labradoodle Dogs--Companions for Life
One of the main reasons people choose to own Labradoodle dogs is because of their allergy/asthma-friendly coats. Much like Standard Poodles, their coats rarely shed and they have almost no body odor. Not only does this make for easy maintenance, but it also means that Labradoodles are the perfect companions for individuals who typically suffer from pet dander allergies or asthma.

Much like Labrador Retrievers, Labradoodles are extremely intelligent and loyal. We typically recommend taking your puppy to an obedience school in order to begin setting parameters immediately. These dogs love attention and mental stimulation, which makes them perfect for larger families.

Labradoodle dogs have an excellent temperament. Their innate desire to be a part of the family makes them excellent watchdogs, although they are not aggressive in the slightest. Not only are they friendly to other dogs and animals, but they are typically extremely patient with children. We recommend Labradoodle dogs for any individual or family who is looking for a loyal companion to spend their lives with.

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